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Mobile Poultry Processing Unit

hayrideWe have created a mobile poultry processing unit that can be used to process poultry on your farm. This is designed to help other small farms quickly and efficiantly process their poultry flocks. If you want to sell your product, you will need to have approval from NC Department of Agriculture. The equipment is examined each year during our inspection but does not have it's own certification.
On the trailer:
Featherman plucker, scalding tank, dunking arm, and kill cones
Tables, sink, chill barrels, chicken holding crates, potable hoses and spray nosels

You will need your own knives, propane tanks (to heat water), bags (we use these), scale (if you want to record weights of individual birds), aprons, dish soap, bleach, buckets (for waste), small cooler (for gizzards), ice.

Contact us for current rental rates and reservations.