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Our larger meat animals have been a joy for us to raise.


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Our sheep are almost 100% grass fed. They occasionally receive some grain. We use it as a training tool to keep them coming to us so we can check on their health, trim their hooves, etc. It is always exciting when new lambs join the farm. Most seem to be born at night. There is nothing as joyus as being greeted in the morning with new life.  Our sheep are mostly hair breeds, meaning they don't need to be sheared. That being said, some of them need some spot shearing as they are not pure breeds.


pig pig rest

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Oh our pigs. The certainly have given us a run for our money. Farmers with experience have been shaking their heads and laughing at us - and rightly so. But that is ok with us, it is how we learn. Pigs are SMART.  They are STRONG. They will destroy just about anything. But they make some of the best noises and are fun to watch. We feed our lovely friends a mixture of grains, whey, acorns, and things they dig up from the ground. They do love to root around and turn the soil. We are letting our pigs do our tilling for us. No need to use the tractor - just put the pigs in that area and it will be good to go in no time!

We sell our pork and lamb by the whole, half, or individual cuts. Call or email us for details. For recipe ideas, please see our Pinterest page. The pork and lamb are processed at  Piedmont Custom Meats. They are an Animal Welfare Approved facility for humane handling.

2017 Price Guide


whole or half = $8/lb
French rack, crown roast = $12/lb
Spare ribs = $10/lb
Leg roast = $10/lb
Center leg roast/steaks = $10/lb
Loin and rib chops = $10/lb
Shoulder roast = $9/lb
Shoulder chops = $9/lb
Shanks (whole or sliced) = $9/lb
Ground lamb = $9/lb
Stew meat = $9/lb
Organs (kidney, tongue, liver, rocky mtn. oysters) = $5/lb
Soup bones = $5/lb


whole or half = $5/lb
Loin and rib chops = $7
Boston butt and picnic roasts = $6
Baby back ribs = $7lb
Spare ribs = $6/lb
Pork belly unsmoked = $10/lb
Pork belly smoked sliced (bacon) = $12/lb
Loin roasts = $7/lb
Loin roasts boneless = $7.50/lb
Tenderloin = $8/lb
Ground pork = $6
Breakfast sausage = $7
Ham steaks (uncured, fresh)  = $6
Jowels (fresh whole or sliced) = $7
Jowels smoked and sliced = $9
Soup bones = $2/lb
Organs = $2/lb
Fat back = $2/lb