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duck turkey
We raise chicken, duck, turkey, and goose on our farm. All of our birds are put up at night in coops to keep them safe from predators and let out during the day onto pasture to forage for bugs, insects, and whatever else their hearts desire. We have a variety of breeds on the farm that serve different purposes. We have fencing in multiple areas in an attempt to keep meat birds separate from egg layers, however fencing is merely suggestive. They are, after all, birds and they can fly. All of our birds are fed an all grain feed, scraps from our garden and kitchen, and of course whatever they find in nature. We do our best to allow our birds to live happy healthy lives.

We sell both chicken and duck eggs by the dozen. We have an egg share program available (customers that commit to buying every week). Egg share customer orders are filled first, any additional eggs are available from the farm on a first come first serve basis.



We are approved by the NC Department of Agriculture to process and sell our poultry right on the farm. This allows us to give our birds the best lives possible with the least amount of stress. We undergo inspections and water tests to maintain the approval. And for those of you who wonder (don't worry, you are not the only one) we sell the birds whole, frozen, and packaged much like you would find in the grocery store. So no, you will not have to do any cleaning, plucking, or the like. UNLESS you want to - that too can be arranged. For recipe ideas and how to cook our meats, please see our Pinterest page.